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Skiathos is the hometown of the famous Greek litterateur Alexandros Papadiamantis. Many of his masterpieces are referred to the beauty of Skiathos. Today, his house in Skiathos is a museum devoted to his precious work and life. It is located very close to the port and hosts handwritten documents of him as well as pieces of his daily life.

If you desire a hopelessly romantic aura, you should visit the old port of Skiathos. This idyllic place is the heart of the island's nightlife and has many bars and seaside restaurants.

When visiting Skiathos, you can't miss exploring Bourtzi, the lush peninsula that dissevers the port. Bourtzi used to be a Venetian Fort in the 13th century, but now there are only ruins of it. However, the building of an old primary school houses the cultural center of Skiathos.

On the north side of the island, you will reach the Medieval Castle of Skiathos. Built in the 14th century on a giant rock, it used to be the safe haven in case of a pirate invasion. Due to its ideal location, it boasts a spectacular panoramic view.

Within a 4 km distance from the port, you will discover the Monastery of Evangelistria, which is constructed according to the architecture of Mount Athos. Inside, you will find its notable library and a folklore and religious museum.
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