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Considered as the third best beach in the Mediterranean, Koukounaries beach has limpid crystalline waters and golden shining sand. Behind the beach, there is a dense pine forest that hides the beautiful Strofylia lake. Its uniqueness is protected by Natura 2000. The beach is organized and boasts several facilities for visitors.

Equally famous with Koukounaries but completely contrasted is Lalaria. Lalaria beach lies on the northeast side of Skiathos, and it's accessible only by boat from the port of Skiathos. The imposing white rocks and the azure waters make the landscape truly magical.

Only 2 km from the town, you will reach Achladies beach, an organized beach with taverns and sports facilities, easily accessible by car or bus. It has clear blue-green waters and soft fine sand.

If you're looking for a natural shelter, you should visit Agia Eleni. This small cove lies 14 km from the center of Skiathos, and you can access it either by bus from Koukounaries or by boat from the port. Combining the sparkling sand, the crystal-clear waters, and the beautiful trees, Agia Eleni beach is a natural gem on the island.

Encircled by the Kounistra mountain, the beaches of Aselinos and Elia are located in the north part of Skiathos. They are two extended beaches with thick sand and ornamental greenery grasped on the mountainous land. The natural beauty of Aselinos and Elia beaches will undoubtedly steal your heart.

Ideal for young people, Banana is the perfect beach for endless moments of fun. Beach bars, watersports facilities and various taverns enrich this banana-shaped beach with the smooth sand and crystalline waters. From Banana beach you can also admire the ravishing sunset views while your toes are immersed in the hot sand.

Comprising a miniature jewel shortly before Koukounaries, Maratha is a small but exclusive beach with green transparent waters. Its peaceful atmosphere is perfect for relaxing moments.
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