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Passionate adventurers who visit Skiathos should take the opportunity to explore the mysterious sea caves. Sail away to discover Fonissa, Pounda, and Altanou and praise their awe-inspiring beauty.

Skiathos has 25 signposted hiking trails leading to the most inspiring views and symbolic spots of the island. Start your walking adventure or rent a mountain bike, admire the marvels of pure nature and witness the most captivating sceneries.

Settled opposite the port of Skiathos, the islet of Tsougkrias is accessible by boat and it’s waiting for you to explore it. Beaches with white sand and crystal blue waters, and lush terrains compose a genuine heaven on earth. Tsougkrias represents one of the most popular destinations for Skiathos' visitors.

Don't miss a stroll around the picturesque neighborhood of Plakes in the southwest part of Skiathos. Roam in the cobblestoned streets, capture the colorful vibrancy, and inhale the island saltiness.

We would also recommend a tour around Skiathos by boat, including day trips to Tsougrias and/or Skopelos.
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